Cogi is better than notes.

Capture, review & share the highlights of meetings and lectures.

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Stay Engaged in the Conversation

Writing or typing takes your attention away from what's going on around you. Cogi lets you take down what was just said with a single finger tap, so your attention can stay with the room.

How it Works

Cogi keeps the last few moments of audio buffered. When someone says something interesting, just tap the highlight button and Cogi backs up to capture and save what was just said. When the moment has passed, just tap again and Cogi will stop highlighting. You can have as many highlights in a session as you like.

Spend Less Time Reviewing

Recording a whole meeting sounds great, until it's time to go back and listen to it. Since Cogi only records the important moments, you can review exactly what was said without wasting time on all the jibber-jabber.

See How it Works

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What People Are Saying

“This is an incredibly useful app. Its simple design is its strength. It’s like having your own audio time machine in which you can reach back in time and retrieve a valuable sound bite or idea from a meeting. Look forward to seeing how this app develops going forward.”

Stuart M

“I am someone who battles everyday with the struggles of ADHD and have quite a few tools that help me handle my demanding task lists. This will be my go to tool to gather the things I want to act on without interrupting my precious concentration. I'm so excited I literally can't wait for Monday morning! Thank you!”

Lone M

“Play Store is clogged with apps that reinvent the wheel (same or less features then built-in stock app). Recording apps are no exception. The Cogi recording app on the other hand is one of those gems that offers something new to the table. For this I give "Cogi" 5+ well deserved stars.”

Farbror F.

"This is so beautifully simple yet very high quality! The whole app runs so smoothly without any problems what so ever! It's very easy to use and to learn how to put together really useful audio clips and attach things like pictures to them! I can't wait to see what features are going to be added in the future but saying that, I would have no complaints if there weren't any at all!"
Josh B.

"Best I Ever Had The Cogi app is a masterpiece. I think I've been missing something great like this when at a seminar last week and before that too. This app is one of its kind in the play store. Thank you very much for building Cogi for us."
Jay E.

“Unbelievably useful app. Brilliant, simple idea and very useful app. Strangely enough, even though I needed something like this many times (and I'm certainly not the only one), I couldn't find anything even remotely useful. Congratulations.”

Robert P.

“Best note taking app! Ever! Simply the best app for note taking! Initially thought frequent click of the button should yield different clips but it doesn't. The developers were indeed right in combining the highlights if they were close enough. Thanks for this app! Looking forward to great updates!”

Nikhil P.

“So far... awesome. Recording every minute of a board meeting was nuts. This is awesome…”

David B.

“Excellent! It is indeed better than notes!”

Jid L.

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